Manual Transmission Gearbox, How it works ?


All that you ever wanted to know about manual transmission!
Today we will show you everything you wanted to know about one important part of the car mechanics, and that is the transmission.
We believe that ever since you got behind the wheel of a car, you have discovered the debate of “Automatic vs. Manual” that apparently won’t stop. With this video we don’t think that we will help you to take a better stand in the discussion, but we want to give you a little knowledge that can help you in some situations.
The following video will show you what makes the manual transmission so tick, and what is really going on when you begin shifting the gears, and your powerful truck or loving muscle starts to speed up. Also, you will find out why the transmission is so important and how the transmission transfers the power from the V8 engine to the wheels.
This video will make your thoughts clear like a day, so check out the video to see everything that you wanted to know behind this process. Enjoy!

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