Meet The Guy Who Quit Banking To Devote Everything To Mopar Muscle


In case you never heard of him (we truly doubt that), Mike Musto is one of the hosts of those cool Drive videos. In his videos it is obvious that he has a passion for all muscle cars, the way he explains them works on them, even the way he drives them shows his love and respect for them. Before he started working with muscle cars, Mike was actually working as a technology expert in a banking company. You have to admit banking is a totally different field from automobiles. All of a sudden, Mike found himself a block or two from the trade center at his desk at September 11, 2001 and realized that life is too short not to follow your passion. After this experience it all moved in the direction of cars at a fast pace. He decided that life is too short to be spent behind a desk in an office, so he followed the muscle car calling and quit his job to go work on cars like the 1968 Charger and the 1969 Daytona featured in the video.

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