VIDEO GUIDE How To MAKE YOUR OWN Studded Motorcycle Tires

Do-It-Yourself Studded Bike Tires for insane race on the ice!
Because the motorcycling season in the cold Russia is short, these guys decided to make a studded tires for the bike in order to extend the season. For stunt bikes you have to do your own tires, while for motorcross bikes those wheels are in the stores.
The experience of Russian riders showed that for stunt bikes you have to use frequently screwed construction screws with bulging at 1 – 1.5 cm. The accuracy of fixing the spikes on the tires is according to the thickness of the protector and on the type of cord.
For a standard set of tires – 180 cm on rear and 120 cm on front – takes around 10,000 screws. To screw those screws is really a tedious thing, but you can master it in a few days.
On the rims of the bike from the inside needs to be a niche under the valve stem. It is recommended to put a rubber washer or seal because the valve should not rub against the edge.
If you want to protect the chamber you have to lay a protective layer. Generally for this thing is used fire hose material because it is resistant to abrasion.
To install the studded wheels, you need to remove the front wing and the hugger.
Maybe it will take some time to finish the whole process with both tires, but the result is really amazing. These tires can be used for some insane rides on ice and snow. Check out the video here.

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