Who Knew a 100,000 Ton Aircraft Carrier Could Drift!

The military may call this an EXTREME RUDDER TEST, which is a maneuver in which this floating city also known as a U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier completes a high-speed SUPER-TIGHT TURN, in order to make sure the vessel performs at the top of its game, but to us this looks like a regular drift!
The whole deal is pretty simple, they go “full rudder” to one side, and apply full power, causing this island sized vessel to go sideways and list to 10 or 15 degrees, and yes, we know that smaller vessels can list up to 45 degrees, but like we said, they are much smaller, and with a surface like this one, with that huge landing deck, things are much more intense.
Apart from testing the equipment, this also shows younger sailors what their “baby” can do and boosts moral to new high levels.
Check out the amazing video of a “drifting” aircraft carrier, and tell us, wouldn’t it be fun to be on board while these trials are performed, or would you be spilling your lunch in seconds?

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