World record! First backflip on water ever!

World record! First backflip on water ever.

World Record! First Snow Mobile Backflip on Water Ever!

Can you do a back flip? How about a back flip with a snow mobile? How about a Back Flip with a snow mobile on Water?!?! Well, we know a guy that can.
Meet David Burman from Arjeplog. David likes his Ski-Doo 600 RS snowmobile so much, that he cannot wait until winter to ride it. Solution, he uses it as a make believe jet-ski. Not only he rides his machine around the lake, he attempts and nails the first ever Snowmobile Back-flip on water. The 22 meter long jump has the machine launched of a ramp, rotating backwards for 360 degrees in the air before making the perfect landing and sailing all the way to the shore for much earned celebration.
Check out the video that left us with a smile on our face, and faith in human capability restored.

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