Blinker fluid prank!

This dad asked his daughters to get “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam” from the store, and their reaction is perfect!

Youngster are always more gullible than old folks and this is one of the best reasons to prank them, since they would not think twice about what you tell them to get and from where.
We have all heard the joke that somebody is running low, or is already out of blinker fluid, and this dad, decided to use it on his two daughters.
He tells them that he is out of blinker fluid and they should go get some from the store while he is waiting for them in the car.
And also tells them not to forget a bucket of steam since he will need it for later.
They run into the store and embarrass themselves realizing that dad has pranked them, only to come back to him recording their reaction, which is hilarious, so check it out, and you are welcomed to try it on somebody else and tell us how it went.

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