DynaSpike Aims To Make Ending Car Chases A Safer Event: Video

DynaSpike Aims To Make Ending Car Chases A Safer Event Video

DynaSpike for safe end of police car chases with remote control!
When the cops are chasing someone, the best interest of everyone for the police to get the offending driver of the vehicle slowed down and stopped. But how to perform that is really a tricky problem. A PIT maneuver can do a great job where there is a plenty of space and without other traffic on the roadway. The spike strip, can also be useful to stop the vehicle, but there are many serious problems that appear when the call is made to roll out the strip.
The system used now, sees the police officers setting up the strip at the precise time, and that puts him far too close to the high-speed action. But things could go very, very bad for the police officer who has to deploy the strip. Cars can lose control or veer around the strip and go straight at the police officer.
There is one another system that could solve a lot of problems connected to the use of spike strips. According to the inventor of the DynaSpike system, Wired was listening to his police officer brother expresses the potential risks using the standard spike system. Eric Spencer decided that is time to create something that will be much smarter, and then he invented his DynaSpike remote deployable creation.
The spikes can be put into the right position using a wireless remote with only one press of the button. When the vehicle passes over the strip, there is another button that brings the spikes back into the locked position that clears the way for the cops chasing the vehicle. It takes just one second for the deployment, and one second for the retraction.
This looks like a simple solution to the problem, but sometimes that simple solution don’t instantly present themselves. The DynaSpike setup is a solution that comes with increased costs. Each unit costs around $1,700. That is 3 times what the manual spike strip runs a department.

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