Chevy Truck Jump Fail!

Chevy truck jump fail

Here you have one great example of how much Chevy trucks aren’t good. This video will make you proud if you own a Ford truck and feel sorry for those who unfortunately have Chevy trucks.
The owner of this modified and customized truck tries to jump over a rather tiny lump of dirt. The video begins so nicely, one group of friend on a farm that looks like it could be in Dakotas or Minnesota.
The truck roars and rattles and is airborne for almost few seconds and then it crashes down to the ground with an epic thud like a big red brick hitting the dirt.
After a moment of silence by the cameraman and the stunned spectators this was the sad result above. Don’t worry, no one was hurt from this event, except for the truck.
Check out the video and share your opinion with us about this truck. Enjoy!

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