MEET THE ULTIMATE SEDUCER ON THE HIGHWAY – Harley Davidson Night Rod Special By Fredy!

Harley Davidson Night Rod Special By Fredy

Today we have a special bike that is the true epiphany of the American spirit, and something that makes the whole nation proud, the bad boy Harley Davidson.

These days we see an infinite number of custom Harleys, and for one to really stand out from the crowd, it has to have something special about it and we believe that this one has done it.
This Nocturnal creature is called the Night Rod Special, and is made by Fredy. Painted in matte black and standing on completely custom made suspension, this Night rode surely is a sight to behold.
Check out the video to see the beautifully shaped body, custom made dual headlight as well as the almost hidden tail light integrated inside the shortened rear fender.

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