The First Ever Wheel Driven Snow Track System


The First Ever Wheel Driven Snow Track System Will Make Winter a Little More Fun !

Track N Go, is the name of this revolutionary wheel driven snow track system that is the first of its kind on sale. According to the manufacturer all you need to install these track on the vehicle is just about 15 minutes, and the best part is there are no modifications no additional equipment and even the stock wheels stay in place.
As we watch the video the song “Let it snow” comes to mind, since obviously the system works so well on the GMC Sierra that they are attached to, that there is no stopping it in any conditions, and watching it blast thru what appears in places more than a foot of snow looks fun and easy.
We wish we could see a similar test of the tracks blasting thru some mud to see if they will be as capable as they are in the snow.
Until they make a video like that, we can watch and enjoy this one.

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