This Is Why GM’s LS V8s Are so Good!


This Is Why GM’s LS V8s Are so Good!
The LS engine is a legend, but what makes it so legendary?

An LS V8 engine is so popular that aside from American muscle cars, they actually got crammed into German supercars like the Porsche and incredibly the feather light Japanese roadster the Miata. So what makes this well-known engine the go to engine when you want more power from the vehicle at an affordable price? Well it is actually a combination of properties that have risen the LS V8 in popularity above probably any engine in the US at the moment.
Toa answer this question better than anybody around we have Tom Nelson. If by any chance you have not heard of him, which we highly doubt, Tom is the owner of Nelson Racing Engines (NRE). His company has the goal of producing high output engines and this makes him more than qualified to explain the popularity of the LS engine.
So grab a drink sit down and get ready for almost 20 minutes of knowledge coming your way.

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