1969 Camaro “Under Pressure” 2016 Detroit Autorama

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1969 CAMARO “UNDER PRESSURE” 2016 Detroit Autorama!

Nobody can deny the fact that a ’69 Chevrolet Camaro is a true American classic muscle car. At the same time, this blessing can be a curse since there are so many of them restored out there that in order for one to really stand out from the rest of them, the build needs to be executed near perfection.

ScottyDTV takes us to Detroit for Autorama to show us a Camaro called “Under Pressure” and believe us, this 1969 classic has quite the treats to offer.
While the outside looks gorgeous with immaculate paint it would really do it no justice to trust our word and you would really have to see the video to enjoy the best of it. However, the twin turbos residing in the engine area are a sure sign that this car is not all show and no go, those suckers really look like they would give you a real power surge once spooled up. Check out the video and tell us what you like especially on it and what this Camaro could do without.

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