Deployable Mobile Tire Spikes Could Stop You In Your Tracks!


For about 40 years now one of the most common ways for the police to stop a fleeing vehicle was the spike strip.
The simplicity and durability and low cost of this device have kept it in play all this years, but is this about to change?
A startup firm says so. The company MobileSpike is bringing a new player in the cat and mouse game of police chases. The name says pretty much everything about this device that is hidden inside the push bar that most police cars already have.
At the press of a button, a hydraulic system deploys an arm that sticks out a few feet to the side of the police car. At the end of this deployable arm is a mini spike strip that has the duty of immobilizing the perpetrators car.
At the moment this “retractable, in-motion tire-spiking system” is doing well and has raised about $55 000, in order to get this product of the ground.
Additional encouragement is that it has been already tested by a few police departments and they are all praising the product which means that it’s on a good path to become a standard police issue equipment.

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