Check out the Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Concept.
When we think about motorcycles, we considered them like a preferred mode of transportation. But that is not always like that. The new Bulldog model from Honda was developed together with the concept “Lovable Touring Partner,” and it will keep you ready for all the things that life can throw at you. The Bulldog has a liquid cooled, four stroke DOHC inline, two cylinder 400 cc that promises a nimble ride whether in country or city, while the low center of gravity and the 15 inch wide tires mean a rock-steady grip on the track. This bike is equipped with a carrier that is perfect for camping-touring and also it has storage on the sides for accessory on the sides of the fuel tank. That is the perfect place for your milk and Rice Krispies. You can see this bike at the 42nd Tokyo Motorcycle Show. What do you think of it?


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