New Ford Bronco: Truth or Fiction?

New Ford Bronco: Truth or Fiction?

If you remember a few months ago, while the presidential campaign was at full throttle, the now president elect Donald Trump, attacked the auto industry, especially the blue oval badge, for taking their production lines to Mexico, and even threatened them that if they keep doing this, he will tax every vehicle produced in Mexico and imported to the US with 65% because they are taking jobs from the working American and giving them to the neighbor in the south.
To this the United Auto Workers chairman Bill Johnson responded: “We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.“
Wait, did this guy just confirm that Ford is definitely planning to bring back the Bronco and a Ranger? It sure sounds like that to us.
The company leadership however is not responding to the questions but the renderings of the vehicle that keep appearing all over the interned seem to only add fuel to the fire of rumors that are spreading all over the place.
The pictures are all trying to imply how the supposed 2017 Bronco would look and they all have their own depiction of the vehicle, which is planned to keep the same layout of a two door SUV which is a combination of Ford Raptor power, and at the same time, greater usability and versatility then the new F-150.

It is normal that a brand would like for its vehicles to be recognizable all over the range so there is no doubt that the new Bronco will feature looks that are close and similar to the fascia of their bestseller F-150, with small amount of added aggressiveness of the more extreme also bestselling Raptor.
There is little doubt that the bodywork will be made of aluminum just like the current models, and the chassis is surely going to be a modified version of the F-150 underpinnings, since there is little to no complaints over the chassis and technology used in the design of this pickup at the moment. The lightweight materials will surely keep the Bronco on the light side of the scale which along with powerful EcoBoost turbo and bi-turbo charged engines will have great performance while keeping an extremely good gas millage.


There is literally no doubt that the resurrected model will receive the latest MyFord Touch system which will enable Bluetooth wireless connection to your cell phone in order to play all the music from your phone and even dial from it with the help of voice control. The newest gadget in this type of technology is the so called wireless charging system which is based on a magnetic field and the technology standard called qi, which is supported by most of the new android flagship phones, will be compliant with the new Ford, which will provide charging for your Android and usage of its playlist during the whole time of the trip with literally 0 wires connected to it. Who would not want a full battery every time you leave your vehicle. For the Apple product users, it is not all bad news, since there are special back covers or protectors that are qi enabled which can still make use of this new technology.

Bringing back an SUV from the past is never easy and always needs to be done with great care, since it is upon this “first” model to make the best impression in order to pay for all the development stages of the project and to ensure that the vehicle brings in enough cash for the future models to have a sure established path to stick to.
So, there will be little risk in the engine department and the first models that hit the streets must be equipped with a V-8 for the true fans of motoring and a V-6 for all the ones that love the legendary name but are not willing to spend too much money on a big and, to put it mildly not so environmentally friendly engine.
The V-6 will be virtually copy-pasted from the current 2017 F-150 and with a 3.5-liter displacement will use the help of two turbochargers to reach an amazing 365 horsepower while still maintaining great fuel economy. The gearbox for this engine will follow suit so a 10-speed automatic will make sure that the Bronco never runs out of breath no matter what you are hauling or what hill you are climbing with it.
The second in line is expected to be a 5.0 V-8 engine that will be good for about 420 horsepower and it too will breathe thru two turbo chargers in order to increase the miles per gallon rating while upping the power from the basic version.
The last one will be for the real hedonistic drivers that never think about their vehicles economy, as long as it puts a smile on their face, and the 6.2 V-8 that will have fire-breathing 500 horses is surely not going to disappoint any Bronco driver.
So we have done our part, now it is up to Ford, and we say please let us have a Bronco, pretty please.


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