Ken Block’s Mechanic Built the Baddest Trans Am You’ve Ever Laid Eyes On!


Ken Block’s Mechanic Built the Baddest Trans Am You’ve Ever Laid Eyes On!
This twin-turbo Firebird is as fast as a Corvette Z06 and ten times as stylish.

For decades now, since the era of the infamous Group B, World Rally cars have been relying on all wheel drive and turbocharging. Some of the biggest improvements to turbochargers, waste gates, blow off valves and anti-lag have been made on the roads of the super special stages of the World Rally Championship. So it is reasonable to think that there are a few people that know more about turbocharging a vehicle then the people that work on these vehicles like Gregg Hamilton. This guy has been part of one of the best competitors like Toyota and Prodrive. In case you are wondering about the latter let us just tell you that most of the Subaru Impreza that you have seen sideways on a rally super special stage were maintained and run by the Prodrive team.

This New Zealander now works on one of the most famous YouTube sensation Ken Block, making the insane tire shredding machines used in the Hoonigan videos. So when he decided that he would combine his love of American Muscle Cars, and turbocharging there was nobody that would argue this logic. The result? An awesome looking Bandit Pontiac that is powered by a twin-turbo, fuel injected 5.3-liter V8 that uses a six speed manual transmission. Although Gregg will not give us the power digits, he is at liberty to say that this thing is on par with a stock Corvette Z06 speed wise. Watch the beautiful video about a New Zealander and his American Muscle Car.

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