F-18 Fighter Jet Taking Off From The Highway!

We have all witnessed an airplane take off from a runway, and a lucky few have witnessed an fighter aircraft take off from a runway with that amazing power and ear splitting roar, but this time, we bring you something from Finland that is totally crazy.
In case you didn’t know, many of the highways near an airfield have already been designed in such manner that with only a few small modifications, fighters can use them to land and take off, since in a situation of attack it is usually the airfields that get destroyed first in order for the country’s air-force to lose the effective way to put aircraft in the sky.
This time the Finland Air Force is just practicing this well-known fact so they close off the road and have F-18 make practice landing and takeoff maneuvers, but in that terrain full of high trees, it makes this video look amazing.
Check out this exercise that is putting fighter jets on one of the tightest places that you will ever see them in.

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