You ABSOLUTELY Need To Go To This Place If You Love Planes !


You ABSOLUTELY Need To Go To This Place!

Most of us were introduced to the jet fighter plane in close range and its awesome capacities by watching the movie Top Gun. There we could see great footage of dog fights and extremely close fly-by of the tower. Today we are bringing you something on this level of up close but it is live. This is the place called the “Mach Loop” a place located in the mountains of Wales where pilots go to train in mountainous regions flying. While on top of the mountain you can get as close to a flying jet at speed as you probably ever get, and hear the shriek as they cut thru the air, and even see the cockpit. Watch the awesome video of the low fly by action but if you intend to go to the Mach Loop, remember almost all of those pilots are in training so you might want to think twice about it.

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