80 Year Old CRASHES With Jay Leno In The Car – 2,500 HP on 2 Wheels!



While most of the world sees Jay Leno and the first thing that comes to mind is Comedian and the Tonight Show host, for us car guys Jay is the guy with one of the coolest car collections in the world.
Its not that we haven’t seen the Tonight Show its just that we have seen his garage and that thing is extremely interesting. It turned out it is so interesting that he came out of retirement to do a show about his actual garage.
On this show we have seen him ride and drive one of the coolest cars in the world, some from his own garage and some from his friend’s garage. This time he is in one of his childhood heroes Mr. Bob Riggle, the guy who drives the “Hemi Under Glass” car that was one of the first cars that was able to do huge wheelies due to the fact that the engine is in the driver’s seat.
Bob Riggle has been doing this for 50 years now and wanted to help Jay get this ride crossed of his bucket list.
After the wheelie the cars bounces its rear wheels and Jay is crossing “Rolling in the Hemi Under Glass car” off his list without even being on it.
Luckily, Jay keeps his hand inside the vehicle during the roll unlike at the beginning of the video or this would have been nasty. This way both of them came out unscathed with only the car needing the paramedics.
Also, if you look closely the car rolled just once, the rest is “Hollywood Magic”. The editors earned their lunch money that day and made the video look like it rolled three time.
“This is only the second crash I’ve had in the 50 years of running this car.” – Bob Riggle

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