Seeing Is Believing: What Makes Synthetic Motor Oil Better!

Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better For Your Car?

Do you know what the numbers mean on every oil can? Can you explain them? Do you know the difference between synthetic oil and regular mineral oil, apart from the price?
Even if you can answer all or most of these questions, we assure you that this video still has more info to give you, and you will benefit from watching it.
The videos made by the YouTube channel Engineering Explained have always shown us more stuff that we need to know about out vehicles in order to use them more efficiently and to take better care of them, while at the same time helping us save money.
This time they show us the real difference in fully synthetic oils and regular mineral oils, and they do it with a demonstration that will make us understand why the more expensive oil is better for our vehicles.

Mainly as you will hear by Jason Fenske, it is the viscosity that will be the real factor in the video, but also it has to do with additives that the more expensive oil contains that will make it usable over a longer period of time, especially when your vehicle is near the end of the oil change limit.
And this is a demonstration of oils after about 5 000 miles, while there are new cars at the moment that recommend oil change intervals at 15 000 miles, so you don’t want to eve think how that oil is going to behave after the 14 000 miles mark.
Watch the video and remember to always use the oil that has been approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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